Alvar I Freysson Ruric, King of Norland

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Alvar I Freysson Ruric
King of Norland
Reign: 1715 - 1717 FA
Coronation: 12th of the Deep Cold, 1715 FA, Dunharrow, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Torsten Rosik
Successor: Alvar II Freysson Ruric
Born: 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1694 FA
Nordengrad, Kingdom of Norland
Death: 4th of the Sun's Smile, 1717 FA
Dunharrow, Kingdom of Norland
Spouse: Edyth Fiscere
Clan: Rurikkid Clans, Freysson
Father: Braedyn Freysson Ruric
Mother: Unknown Woman

King Alvar Freysson Ruric is the son of Braedyn Freysson Ruric and an unknown woman. Alvar was King of Norland from 1715 FA until his death in 1717 FA. A scion of the Rurikkid dynasty his ascension to the Crown of Norland with Emperor Godfrey III officially abdicating his false claims to him in the Helena and crowning him, returning the line of Frey to the throne and restoring the Kingdom of Norland, a title which the House of Horen contested to for over half a century.

Alvar's rule is shaped by two key factors: the bloody War of Two Emperors which resulted in a great many Norlandic casualties as Alvar had sworn fealty to the Empire of Renatus against the newly formed Holy Orenian Empire. Turmoil between the mainline Rurikkid Clans and the Edvardsson cadet branch House Caunter; Alvar having brought an end to the first Caunter Rebellions with the hanging of Caylus Caunter. Alvar is credited with numerous Norlandic reforms, having combined the current era, with the old era. Alvar is also known for issuing a list of laws for the Norlandic people to abide by, something that had never been seen before by a Norlandic King. During his reign the Norlandic people were brought a sense of unity, rallying a force that has not been seen since the old days during the reign of Eirik Thorsson Ruric.


Early life

Alvar was born in the year 1694 to the reknowned commander Braedyn Ruric, a famed swordsmaster and marshal having served under the reign of Thoromir II Ruric during his tenure as Earl of Nordengrad. Alvar was born second youngest of three brothers, the oldest being Doran. During Alvar's early years he took the traditional role of every young Rurikid, he trained with sword, horse, and bow. Having excelled in both even above both his brothers, Alvar then took a more diplomatic approach having read numerous books on the history of his people becoming farmiliar with the triumphs and fails of past Norlandic kings, during this time the Norlandic people were in exile since the aftermath of the Third Atlas Coalition War, until his older brother Doran took up the mantle of House Ruric and flocked the Norlandic citizens to Ashfjord, which Alvar played a big part in the construction of, Doran named himself Prince of Vilachia a few days after the completiton of the city, although Doran's reign would be cut short due to constant Imperial pressure, leaving Alvar to depart and supposedly snake his older brother by vassalizing under the Empire of Man, bringing large amounts of the Norlandic people with him, leaving his brother with little to no retinue Doran went into hiding, leaving Alvar as the High Chieftian of House Ruric. Alvar quickly began to design a new city one worthy of the Norlandic flock, the quick construction stunned the Imperials having the city be built in only a matter of months, this marking the beginning of his reign as Earl of Nordengrad.


Only a few months after being crowned king, Alvar was in search for a wife. Having ignored constant council from his advisors to take on a Horenic wife. Instead he had fallen for a young lass by the name of Edyth, only a few months after becoming aquinated with one another, Alvar asked for her hand in marriage, she would then accept and the marriage would be timed for the next day. Norlandic citizens crowded outside the Grand Hall, while only Alvar's trusted advisors and soldiers were within. The couple would exchange their vows in the eyes of the All father, the two would be offically married on the 18th of the Amber Cold, 1716. After nearly a year of being married, Edyth gave birth to two childern, one of which survived birth, the boy which surived was named Alvar II for his striking resemblance to his father, whilst the girl was named Alys. It was rumoured Edyth held both childern in her arms for two days, refusing to let go of her childern.


As Earl of Nordengrad

Alvar having just recently vassalized under the Empire of Man, quickly took up matters of state with the intent of reforming the Norlandic people, having his scribes write a list of laws that all citizens within Nordengradic region must abide by. During the first year of his reign Dunharrow flourished having never seen a lack of people within the confinements of the city. Not much is noted during his tenure as Earl, apart from the eventual construction of Dunharrow, having ordered its reconstruction only after a few months of it being constructed. One of his most notable acts as Earl was to fully remove the Caunter Clan from the Rurikid name, fully bastardizing its branch removing their ability to moot and their claim of Nordengrad.

As King of Norland

Having fully complete the reconstruction of the city, for his loyalty to the Empire of Renatus during the War of Two Emperors, Alvar was granted the title King of Norland back, and was crowned by Aeyn Edvardsson directly after the coronation of Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus within the Imperial City of Helena. He would then summon the old Norlandic banners, many of which have been in wait since the title was lost during the Atlas Coalition War to form the Royal Norlandic Army, just in time to march alongside the Imperial Renatian Legion in the Battle of Lower Rodenbourg. During the time of the War of Two Emperors, Alvar would hold numerous courts, drawing up plans for reforms in Norlandic society. Alvar held many notable courts, many of which included inspirational speeches to heighten Norlandic morale during such a horrid time, one of his most notable was "Freedom or Death" just after the Siege of Helena.

Caunter Conspiracy

During Alvar's time as Earl of Nordengrad, he would undergo numerous bumps in his road to king, one of which would be the uprising of the Caunter Clan. Having disagreed with numerous things Alvar had did, one of which was the execution of a foreign elf, threatening the peoples of Norland with war, thusly leading to Caylus moving his clan and stealing a great amount of Norlandic men to Haense, where they would reside and continue to threaten Alvar with war for a few years, Alvar would then release a document revoking the Caunter Clan of all their rights as a clan and removing their Chieftian status. Tensions were high between Ruric and Caunter, Until a Norlandic patrol eventually captured Caylus on the roads, bringing him before Alvar. He was sent to the dungeon of Dunharrow, whilst the Dunwatch rallied in an successful attempt to repel the Orenian rescue party during the Battle of Nordengrad. After the battle, Alvar brought Caylus in chains infront of the entirety of Nordengrad, and eventually hung him from the Ashtree, a year later a document would be released offically ending the internal conflict, securing Alvars position as Earl of Nordengrad, and later as King of Norland.

War of Two Emperors

Alvar would offically give his support for the Empire of Renatus, having quickly summounded the Norlandic military to Dunharrow where he would begin military reforms aswell as reconstructing the capital for oncoming raids and the possibility of a siege. During the first few years of the war, the Norlandic army took part in numerous raids and most notably the Battle of Lower Rodenbourg, where he alongside the Orcish Rex would ambush the entirety of the Orenian rear. Alvar would order for the return to the Norlandic capital of Dunharrow to resume construction of the defences. During a meeting with his advisors a Norlandic Watchmen bursts into the hall claiming they half apprehended the traitor Caylus Caunter, upon the patrols return with Caylus, a large Haensetic army rallied in Reza to rescue him. Alvar sent numerous envoys to Helena informing them of a battle upcoming, the large army of Norlanders, Renatians, and Orcish meet on the field for the Battle of Nordengrad, resulting in a victory, a mere few hours later Caylus was executed and hung from the Ashtree infront of thousands of citizens and soldiers in Dunharrow. Alvar would then months later, command the Norlandic troops in another battle known as the Battle of Helena Fields, where he would come out victorious alongside his Renatian allies. Having time to recouperate after taking heavy losses during all the skirmishes and minor raids, Alvar marched his men to Helena, where they would begin preperation for an uncoming Orenian siege, the days were long as the Norlandic and Renatian engineers rigged traps and dug in for a possibly long lasting siege. The day would come when the Orenians engaged and attempted an assault on the city, ending in a devistating and suprising loss for the Orenians during the Siege of Helena, it'd be a major morale booster for the Norlanders and Renatians, having time to make preparations for an attack of their own.


Alvar sought to rebrand the Rurikid, and that he did, Succesfully restablishing the Norlandic monarchy with the beneolvant costomoplian hub of Dunharrow as its center. Although many of which were more loyal to his brother rather than himself, causing for many issues against the reign of Alvar, althought through perseverance, Alvar and his council succeeded in ensuring the saftey of the Norlandic folk.

After the Siege of Helena, the Norlandic folk which took the brute of the losses in the fight were badly injured and needing time to mend, Alvar took the time and allowed for his troops to recouperate after the great victory. During a minor celebration party in the tavern of Dunharrow, a group of reiver mercenaries approached the then open gate and stormed the city, making their way to the tavern, upon hearing the commotion Alvar took up arms with the few Norlanders in the tavern, many of which were drunk from the late night of partying. A brutal fight ensued with the Norlanders dealing a great deal of damage to the Reiver raiding party, although it was for naught as Alvar was slain during the brawl by Vyrdrek Volaren, sparking the internal blood feud between the Ruric Clan and the Volaren Clan.


Alvar was mourned for months after his death. His fall was seen as a spark of light to continue the fight against the Haensetic folk and their allies. Alvar's body rested upon a great Norlandic warship during the Renatian invasion of the Haensetic Kingdom, fronting the entirety of the fleet. Alvar was then buried in the sight of the all father, infront of thousands of Norlanders and Renatians, commerating him for his service to the war. Edvard later during his time of King sought to ensure Alvar's success's remained throughout the century and in the lives of the younger generation of Norland, he ordered for the build of a monument of Alvar in Dunharrow just before dismantling the Kingdom, this order was eventually reinstated upon the construction of Morsgrad.

Appearance and Personality

Alvar Ruric is seen as a courageous, diligent and empathetic man. Standing at the height of 6'3, he is of standard weight. His face would be well rounded, carrying the traditional traits of any Ruric bearing black hair and blue eyes. He would have somewhat of a hunch whilst alone, but around others, he stands strong and tall generally towering over many people. His voice is somewhat raspy.

He is prone to hunting, fishing, and farming, and has taken a particular interest in reading, writing, and horseback riding. He is typically seen in the wheat fields of Dunharrow, riding his horse Javier.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

Full title as King of Norland

His Majesty, Alvar I of House Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikid, Duke of Northemarch, Earl of Nordengrad, Burgrave of Dunharrow, Chieftain of the Freyssons, Bulwark of the Hearth on Earth


Alvar sired two children (one son and one daughters) with Queen Edyth. Alvar also had a bastard child called Adelith Ash, she went to carry on the past Adeliths crusade on Oren.

Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Alvar II Ruric 20th of the First Seed, 1714 1717 Unmarried First son of Alvar and Edyth, heir to the Thorned Crown of Norland.
Alys Ruric 20th of the First Seed, 1714 20th of the First Seed, 1716 Unmarried First daughter of Alvar and Edyth, passed just after being birthed.
Adelith Ash 15h of the Deep Cold, 1716 1717 Unmarried Bastard daugher of Alvar Ruric