Aleksandra, Red Princess of Muldav

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Aleksandra I Ruthern
Baroness of Antioch
Aleksandra of Vidaus.jpg
'Aleksandra I' by an unknown artist.
Grand Princess of Muldav
Tenure: 1704-1722
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Kazimar I, Grand Prince of Muldav
Minister Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska
Tenure: 1701-1711
Successor: Lorin Suffolk
Born: 10th of The Deep Cold, 1685, Markev, Haense
Died: 4th of the Grand Harvest, 1722.
Spouse: Josef Eimar, Red Prince of Muldav (m. 1702)
House: Alimar-Ruthern
Father: Demetrius III of Vidaus
Mother: Amalie Ruric-Caunter

Aleksandra Sophia (Common: Alexandra Sophia), monikered The Vile, was one of the dual founders of the House of Alimar, alongside her husband Josef Eimar. Raised under the tutelage of her uncle, Robert I, and a family friend, Princess Amelia of Alstion, the woman blossomed into a stout and respectable noblewoman. However, those acquainted with the Princess knew her as vulgar and unfit for her station. Despite these veritable truths, she persevered and was instituted as the Kingdom's seneschal at the young age of sixteen.

Her son, Prince Vladrick Hieromar, later ascended to the Ruberni throne. Through her grand daughter, Maya of Muldav, the Grand Princess was an ancestress to the modern kings of Barbanov-Bihar.

Childhood and Adolescence

The firstborn of Duke Demetrius var Ruthern and his consort, Amalie of Antioch, the girl was upbrought in luxury; However, she opted to refuse the many opportunities given to her. On a fateful visit to the Imperial Capital of Carolustadt circa her sixth year, the child encountered an adolescent Amelia Horen—a woman who would nurture the troubled Ruthern as a maternal figure throughout the duration of her life. After inciting a riot within the Capital itself, Aleksandra's enraged father would usher her into a courtship with Kazimar Carrion, heir to the County of Susa. Much due to Aleksandra's protests, she evaded her fate and was offered refuge in Amelia's manor.

During this time, she was instructed in the study of Johannian courtly mannerisms and etiquette—lessons that, much to the Horen's lamentation, were never put to adequate use. Upon her return to Markev at the age of twelve, Aleksandra and her uncle, Robert, grew close due to her own absent father—the monarch assuming the Ruthern as one of his one. As the years passed, she was instated as Seneschal of Haense at the peak of her adolescence, tending to the upkeep of Reza's inner affairs.

Marriage and House Alimar

During an escapade within the Haeseni woods, a run-in with an unkempt man only two years her senior led to several, the transient Josef taking the woman on an array of hunts. One fateful evening, amidst their courtship, he revealed to her his status as a Prince of House Barbanov, eldest son to Edward-Audemar, Margrave of Chanik. With the sole attendance of King Robert, Amelia Horen, and an officiant, the pair were wed on the latter half of 1702. A quartet of years before his death, Robert issued his niece and her spouse the Grand Principality of Muldav, commonly referred to as the Red Principality. As the house further established itself, the family resolved to separate itself from its parentage, its heads and their issue taking on the surname Barbanov-Alimar


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Kazimar I, Grand Prince of Muldav 1704 Alive Sofiya of Haense Firstborn son to Josef and Aleksandra. Twin brother to Amelia Alimar. Successor.
Princess Amelia of Muldav 1704 Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter to Josef and Aleksandra. Twin sister to Kazimar.
Princess Anastasya of Muldav 1708 Alive Unwed Secondborn daughter to Josef and Aleksandra.
Vladrick Barbanov-Alimar 1707 Alive Ester of Curonia Secondborn son to Josef and Aleksandra. Sovereign Prince of Rubern.
Prince Robert of Muldav 1719 Alive Emilie of Poiteaux Thirdborn son to Josef and Aleksandra.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1685-1701: Her Ladyship, the Baroness of Antioch
  • 1701-1711: Her Excellency the Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska
  • 1702–Present: Her Royal Highness, Aleksandra, Princess Josef of Chanik, Baroness of Antioch
  • 1704–Present: Her Serene Highness, The Grand Princess of Muldav