Alastrine Vientos

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Alastrine Vientos
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Baroness of Mehran
Born: 10th of the Snow's Maiden, 1675
Dawnmire, Atlas
Died: 15th of Sun's Smile, 1706
Khalestine, Aeldin
Spouse: James, Viscount of Nantes; Angelo, Count of Astorga
House: Vientos
Father: Rickard, Duke of Carnatia
Mother: Victoria, Princess of Ostwick

Alastrine Elizabeth Vientos (Born 10th of the Snow's Maiden, 1675 - 15th of the Sun's Smile, 1706 ) was a member of House Vientos, and the first Vientos Baroness of Mehran—a title bestowed upon her by the late Princess of Ulgaard, Emma Ludovar, at the age of sixteen.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Victoria Ingrid Vientos 1695 1715 Vinys Allyrion With Issue
Diana Estefania de Alba 1702 Likely Dead Baldwin Ashford de Falstaff