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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Al'Khazar was the grand capital city of the Human nation of Oren in Aegis. At its height, it attracted a thriving community, including many shopkeepers and guards ((players and NPC's)). In 1338 Al'Khazar was blighted by Undead and rendered uninhabitable through taint from the Nether and a deadly miasma gas. The attack was the start of the Undead conquest of Aegis. Al'Khazar was notable for several reasons. It had a thriving population that owned homes and businesses of all sorts. Another main reason was that there were more shops than any other city and more flourishing than in any other place. It was the largest capital of any of the races and the longest distance from the Cloud Temple of Aegis. In addition, Al'Khazar was frequently discussed as a stronghold from the Undead invaders who occupied a keep just to the north. This was because it had such a large population willing to fight for it and a large wall surrounding the entire city. This proved to be ineffective after the Undead Blight. Al'Khazar was the home of the King/Queen in the Keep, and the center of the Human religion in the Cathedral.


Al'Khazar started off as a small town on a mountain, it was just a stop for people along the road whether they were going north or south. But, as it was a stop on the road, it had more and more people stopping there for a long period of time, eventually building houses. Soon, it had many shops going up as well, and King Daniel of Oren made it his capital city. Al'Khazar then went through an era of unrivaled prosperity, it soon became a massive city with towering walls. Al'Khazar's great era of growth ended with King Perea's reign due to a great fear of the Undead. After the death and fall of King Pampo Perea, it was by his will that his Seneschal, Edmund Sheffield, was crowned as the new King, instead of his oldest son Rhonin Perea.

Under King Edmund's rule, many new additions were added to Al'Khazar. The Keep for the royals and the officials were done, a military district was added, various new houses sprang up. King Edmund was a industrious king, but he did not participate actively against the Undead. Many Northerners blamed King Edmund for lack of support and troops and was one of the causes of the fall of Alstion and Snowy Fields. The Aegis Times chanced upon the situation and started spreading propaganda all around Al'Khazar and Aegis, throwing dirt on the royalty and the officials. Many have demanded the King Edmund to step down, a Dwarf was even hired to assassinate the king, but failed.

During this time of turmoil, many people were jailed, Felix Farnsworth was promoted to Captain of the Guards for his unwavering duty for the crown and Oren, Princess Arianna made a rare public appearance in Al'Khazar to show her support as the Princess of Malinor. To appease the crowds, cakes were thrown from the rooftops in a attempt to calm the Humans. But suddenly, lightning was heard around South Gate of Al'Khazar. Still angry with the fall of Alstion and Snowy Fields, everyone within Al'Khazar, regardless of race, marched towards the Undead Fort UnK, and where the famous Siege of UnK happened. Order was restored to Al'Khazar, as the Siege of UnK was won, and they felt Alstion and Snowy Fields was avenged, and King Edmund was pardoned by the people.

Towards the end of King Edmund's reign, he married Ivrae and they had three children, Prince Enor, Princess Aliciana, Princess Rosemary. For many years, Al'Khazar did not have many events. Fear of the Undead marching towards Al'Khazar was unfounded and false. Peace returned. Prince Enor was sent to deal with a band of Orcs in the south when he reached manhood, and the two Princesses were playing with the citizens of Al'Khazar.

But suddenly, a unknown group of warriors dressed as monks and a bunch of Orcs raided Al'Khazar for no obvious reason. The Battle of Al'Khazar occurred, with the group taking the Keep, and threatening King Edmund's life. After announcing their intentions, the group was revealed to be Teutonic Order, or more popularly known as the Black Cross. They left Al'Khazar shortly afterwards.

In the year 1338 Al'Khazar was blighted by Undead. King Enor was kidnapped from the Keep. The city was attacked by lightning and monsters, and the taint of the Nether transformed the city. Those trying to defend were struck down as the Undead gained the upper hand. A portal was raised in the middle of the city, giving greater power to the Undead. The attack proved overwhelming and the city was abandoned. The taint of the Nether infesting the city created poison in the air that killed anyone who breathed it. Refugees from the city were scattered all across Aegis, with Winterfell, Alras and Kal'Urguan receiving the most. Al'Khazar was abandoned along with all other settlements in Aegis when the survivors of Iblees wrath fled to the Verge.


Al'Khazar had perhaps the most flourishing economy of any city in all of Aegis. The trade that took place there may have rivaled that which is the entire amount of trade conducted in any one of the other nations of Aegis. Mainly, the trade was composed of wood selling, ore (or refined metal) selling, and the use of inns by travelers or residents for food and housing.


Al'Khazar was surrounded by forests. If woodsman headed far enough north, east, or west they eventually ran into woods which could be chopped down for lumber. This industry provided a huge amount of trade to Al'Khazar since Elves and Orcs relied on the area for most of their lumber due to either a protection of all forests or a lack of forests in their areas. This put a large demand on lumber, but unless it was sold directly to a foreigner looking for lumber, the prices would be relatively low due to an over abundance in the city. The protected forests around Al'Khazar were very rarely guarded, however, which led to a large amount of illegal logging. There were several problems posed by this. The major one was a destruction of the surrounding landscape. Another significant problem was the loggers planting every sapling they gathered from the fallen trees. They should indeed replant saplings, but since they replanted every sapling, it led to the forest becoming hard to navigate and dangerous to walk through, as the darkness allowed monsters to attack. The final problem was a group of bandits who posed as guards and preyed on new arrivals to the area.


Al'Khazar had a thriving trade in ores and refined metals due to its proximity to the Oren mine shaft. Though the amount of metal was not as significant as that of the nation of Dwarves, it was enough to allow Al'Khazar to be self-sustaining and bring in a large amount of minas to the city.


These were a large part of Al'Khazar's economy. Most of the food traded in the city was traded in the inns, with ale, stew, bread, and pork chops available in any of the inns. Most of the inns were located in the shopping district, but nearer to the residential area than most of the shops. The inns were also some of the largest civilian buildings in the city, as they are often three floors in height. Rooms in inns were usually rented out like apartments for the convenience of those renting them.


Taxes were levied against the various businesses in the city of Al'Khazar by King Sheffield. The reason for this was not publicly announced, but it did raise a significant amount of money for the royalty.

Undead Rule

The Undead launched a terrible attack on the city, murdering most of its people, and forcing the rest to seek refuge. A deadly miasma cloud surrounded the city, often regarded as some form of "Sulphur Gas". Approaching the city was very dangerous, and even if the hardiest warriors managed to gain access, the Undead almost always caught them.


Al'Khazar was the most well defended city in all of Aegis, attributed to two factors. First, the Undead threat was always greatest in the nation of Oren. Second, the walls of Al'Khazar were not as easily defensible as those of Kal'Urguan or other cities. These two factors, however, were more than compensated by the size and relative competence of the guards, who always had a man on gate duty and a few patrolling either the walls or the city itself. The guards were also occasionally seen on the roads of Oren, to prevent monster and bandit attacks on travelers. In the past, joining the guard was usually simple and provided an job with lots of work and good pay. Drops in recruitment were usually due to flooding of applicants or the need to better train current guards.

History of Guard Leaders - Giffords - He was the first guard Commander of Oren and retired after many years if service. - Brett Perea - Retired from his position to take command of Whisper Isles. - Eze'kiel Tarus - Former Captain of the Guard, fired for treason. - Grimbeard - Fired by King Edmund. - Vardak Ciantar - Lost to the Undead, presumed deceased. - Atriana Tarus - Former High Constable, converted to Undead. - Vardak Ciantar - Resigned after his second run through the guard. - Felix Farnsworth - Former Guard Leader.


Al'Khazar had a relatively simplistic architecture that created an air of utter beauty. It consisted of a lower floor made of cobblestone for structural integrity, with upper floors made of load bearing logs supporting white walls (made of wool.) The architecture was uniform through all of the civilian city, which created an amazing feel to the city for all travelers. This style was emulated by later Human cities such as Arethor and Solace.

Architects - Thunder - Retired. - Dûn - Fired.

Surrounding Area

The area around Al'Khazar was mainly forests dotted with spits of water. Al'Khazar itself was built on the side of a relatively high rising bit of land. To the city's south was Galahar and a large number of fighter's guilds. To the north were the settlements of Crimson Vale, Celestine, New Alstion and Winterfell, as well as Undead Keeps and Aeriel's Keep. Included in the surrounding area were the sewers underneath the city. These allowed ghosts to enter the city and explore it. Alligators were rumored to have taken home in the sewers of the city. Some hardy folk established homes and a city in the sewers.