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Agnar Ireheart
"“Rebuildin' a clan is nuh simple task, but work toget'er wit' w'at you got t'en you'll succeed””
Birth: 4th of the First Seed, 1317, Kal'Urguan, Urguan, Aegis
Spouse: N/A
Clan: Ireheart
Father: Igor Ireheart
Mother: Unknown Grandaxe
Children: Avia Ireheart, Akvar Ireheart, Agamm Ireheart, Bakir Ireheart, Brokkr Ireheart, Burin Ireheart

Agnar Ireheart, (born 4th of the First Seed, 1400–Present) is known for his many years of service within the Legion of Urguan, and his creation of the punji-sticks that led a dwarven victory in the Siege of Kal'Ordholm. Not only this he would also be known for his placement within the Senate for many years until his leave and resignation as Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan. As well as bringing more members to the Clan and putting the Irehearts back on a step towards its former glory.

Early life

Asulon to Vailor

Not much of Agnar Ireheart’s life was known throughout Asulon and almost half of Anthos, other than he was born to Igor Ireheart and an unknown dwarven woman in the 4th of the First Seed, 1400 though only being raised by his father.

Many years would pass since the migration towards Anthos until Agnar had really begun his life after being nothing but a shadow after the great reign of Thorin Grandaxe had ended. While growing up from a clan known for being great fighters he would find himself employed within the Legion of Urguan where he would rise through some of the ranks fighting beside his father against the Kingdom of Oren and the Antagonists. He would continue to do this for many years until the issue of Ondnarch became sudden as the Wyvern had taken hold of the old capital of Kal'Azgoth. As the issue grew larger one of his clans' man, Aldal Ireheart, would discover the relic of Da Kirkja Dverga, the Hammer of Barradin to which he became to acknowledge that only a mighty dwarven warrior must defeat Ondarch with the relic to which whoever uses the hammer would end up losing their life.

Agnar Ireheart, 1449

While discussion between the dwarves of Urguan along with the dwarves that sat within the Senate, Agnar would hear the news of his father who had accepted the responsibility of taking on the Wyvern. As many of the dwarves of Urguan gathered with Agnar with them as they began their march towards Kal'Azgoth to which would result with the defeat of Ondarch and the death of his father. Agnar being almost heartbroken would take up the passion of becoming a mighty warrior like his father to which he would begin to make ready of his rise within the legion.

During the time of landing in the lands of the Fringe, the Kingdom of Oren and Urguan had begun to form border disputes between the two before an armed conflict happened resulting in a declaration of wars. The war would result in many battles both sides suffering defeat with Agnar being apart of many of those conflicts. Agnar would later be commanded by his company leader to build a large fortress wall to assist and better defend the Mouth of Urguan. Upon finishing the defenses the non-stop conflict with the Orenian armies with Urguan only winning what little they can. Agnar would be apart of the major battle in the war that resulted in a decisive victory as well as the death of King Heinrik Carrion who had fallen in the battle by a volley of arrows.

After years of fighting, serving, and being the one who invented the punji-sticks within the Eighteen Years' War he would later become the Clan Father of the Irehearts due to many of his people who had suddenly disappeared. As many of the members within the Ireheart clan vanished the clan became one of the weakest clans in Urguan. Agnar being known for someone not to give up he'd begin to help his clan grow larger than it was when he became Clan Father resulting them being one of the strongest clans like it once was. A few years would pass before Agnar would give up the title of Clan Father to his younger brother, Dain Ireheart, who would continue his work of growing the clan. After giving up his title he would then vanish for many years never being heard from again.


Years would pass as the Kingdom he once served had fallen to the dwed-killers of Kaz'Ulrah he would wait for the most opportune time to make his reappearance. Though he had taken some visits to see his fellow dwed in the time of Axios of Kal'Omith he would reappear once more joining Derek Hammerfist who was declared before the destruction of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan as the heir of the last Grand King of Urguan, Frerir Irongrinder. As his new King created the Kingdom of Ord he would later become the Marshal of Ord which he'd then began to make preparations due to the tensions between Ord and Ulrah. After a few years of nothing happening within Ord, he would then vanish once more to which some within the newly formed Kingdom of Agnarum believe his return to serve with his people.

Character and personality

Agnar would be seen a bit of a jerk at times as well as being seen drunk within the tavern due to his race and Ireheart nature. Though he can be a drunk or a jerk at times he is also known for being a fighter getting in bar fights or just in battle. Some may say he could have the potential of being a formidable commander though due to his behavior at times he is seen and known for his nature.

Titles Held

  • Grunt of the Legion of Urguan
  • Stoneguard of the Legion of Urguan
  • Ironbreaker of the Legion of Urguan
  • Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan
  • Clan Elder of the Ireheart Clan
  • Defender of Kal'Ordholm (currently uses)