Adelheid of Istria

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Adelheid of Istria
Holy Orenian Empress
Tenure: 1526-1535 (Divorce)
Coronation: 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1526
Born: 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1500, Petrus Palace, Oren
Death: Unknown
Spouse: John I
House: de Sola
Father: Titus, Duke of Istria
Mother: Gloria de Savoie

Adelheid of Istria (13th of the Grand Harvest, 1500 – Unknown) was the first Johannian Empress-consort of Oren as the wife of John I, Holy Orenian Emperor, from his accession to the throne in 1526, until their controversial divorce in 1535.


Adelheid was born to the brash Titus de Sola and his spouse, Gloria de Savoie, in 1500 within the confines of the city of Petrus, prior to her father's investiture as the Duke of Istria. She was therefore the granddaughter of the famous general, Vibius the Younger (alternatively known as Vibius Hanseticus).


Name Birth Death Marriage
John II, Holy Orenian Emperor 1st of Malin's Welcome, 1521 25th of Malin's Welcome, 1595 (1) Amelie of Courland
(2) Arielle of Leone
Firstborn son of Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria. Successor of his father, John I, and abdicated in 1568.
Prince Alexander, Duke of Marna 23rd of the Amber Cold, 1522 6th of the Deep Cold, 1572 Aurelia Ashford de Bar Second-born son of Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria. Served as Governor of Erochland (1539-1572).
Princess Philippa Maria, Duchess consort of Courland 3rd of the Grand Harvest, 1523 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1570 Betrothal: Philip, Duke of Istria (His death: 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1539)
First Marriage: Vespasian, Count of Lewes (His death: 12th of the First Seed, 1540)
Second Marriage: Alexander, Duke of Courland (Annulment: 19th of the Grand Harvest, 1563)
First betrothed to Philip de Sola, then married his cousin Vespasian de Sola, and finally to Alexander Staunton, son of Duke Percival of Courland.
Daniel III, High Pontiff 17th of Malin's Welcome, 1526 1601 Helaine Sarkozic Third-born son to Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria. Duke of Furnestock and later, in 1542, Duke of Banard. High Pontiff of the Church of Canon (1552-1562).
Princess Charlotte Sophia of Alstion 6th of Sun's Smile, 1528 11th of the Deep Cold, 1542 Unwed Second-born daughter of Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria. Died of consumption.
Princess Eleanor Elizabeth of Alstion 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1530 5th of the Amber Cold, 1578 Sir Maric Horen-Vimmark Third-born daughter of Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria.
Princess Catherine Francesca of Alstion 15th of the Amber Cold, 1532 4th of Sun's Smile, 1574 Stephen Hector, Prince d'Beaufort Fourth-born daughter of Emperor John I and Adelheid of Istria. Also known as Saint Catherine of Felsen. Died of consumption.