Achilius I of Santegia

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Achilius I
King of Santegia
King of Santegia 1658-1682
Duke of Savinia 1658-1682
Duke of Cascadia 1658-1682
Marqués of Seville 1658-1682
Marquès of Ponzan 1658-1682
Count of Veldin 1658-1682
Count of Castell 1658-1682
Count of Moncloa 1658-1682
Lord of Biscay 1658-1682
Reign: 1656-1682
Coronation: 12th of the First Seed, 1658
Predecessor: Leo de Savin
Successor: Aurelius I, Emperor of Man
Archchancellors: Ser Marek Kastrovat
Born: 8th Sun's Smile, 1632
Betrothed: Laelia Kastrovat
House: Horen-de Savin
Father: Valerius Horen
Mother: Apollonia Esfandiyar

Achilius Horen-de Savin y Esfandiyar, regally known as Achilius I (8th of the Sun's Smile, 1632 - 11th of the Amber Cold, 1702), was the third and last King of Santegia after his uncle, Leoiarizaltzu Salbatzaile de Savin abdicated the throne in 1656.


Early life

Achilius was born in the Palace of Adelburg on the 8th Sun's Smile 1632, to Valerius Horen and his wife Apollonia Esfandiyar. His father, Valerius, was only around in the very beginning years of his life. He was originally named Akilius, nicknamed 'Aki', though he took a more imperialized version of his name later on. After Achilius's sister Tamar Stravoula was born, Valerius disappeared and left the raising of the two children to Apollonia.

Being a native to Santegia, Apollonia worked diligently to ensure that both Achilius and Tamar were raised with the Santegian culture well engraved into their minds. The royal siblings were often seen mingling with the others around the city and hardly ever within the confines of the palace.

In Achilius's adolescent and teenage years, however, he began to be interested and influenced by the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna. He met the Lady Laelia Kastrovat, in which he was quick to grow feelings for the noblewoman. His mother disapproved greatly of her arrival to the Kingdom of Santegia, seeing her as a foreigner threat and disliking of her imperialistic nature. He dismissed his mother's qualms and was soon betrothed to her. Following the betrothal, many members of House Kastrovat - a house loyal to the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna - began to settle within Santegia.


On the 11th of the Deep Cold, 1657, Achilius was anointed as the new King of Santegia. He was named as the successor and heir to King Leo de Savin upon his abdication. His coronation was officiated by the High Pontiff of the Canonist Church at the time, and the event took place within the Santegian Cathedral. The grand ceremony had many attendees with varying nations from the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna to the Chiefdom of the Warhawkes. A great many of his family and distant relatives were in attendance as well, including Demetrio de Savin, Apollonia de Esfandiyar, and Tamar Horen de Savin.

In the first year of his reign, Achilius signed the treaty and alliance known as the 'Santegia-Renatus Alliance'. After signing the pact alongside the King of Renatus, Aurelius Horen, he was soon married to Laelia Kastrovat and appointed Ser Marek Kastrovat as his Arch Chancellor.

Many years would pass in his reign, with a notable favoritism towards the Horens. Most of the family was divided by the occurrences within Santegia, eventually leading the patriarch of House de Savin y Kharadeen to exile the House of Horen de Savin from the family and no longer recognize them as de Savins. Thus, King Achilius was only considered a Horen and no longer a de Savin from the years henceforth.

With the death of his wife, the Queen-Consort of Santegia Laelia Kastrovat, Achilius abdicated the throne to the Emperor Aurelius I. He relinquished the Crown of Santegia and all of its territories to the imperial on the 23rd of Owyn's Flame, 1682. The Kingdom of Santegia had fallen greatly by this time, but the abdication left Achilius to be the last king of Santegia as they did not recover and the people were scattered.


Achilius's death is unknown but believed to have died of an illness or old age. There are few rumors saying that he was killed by his family, or distant relatives, but none of it can be factual or considered truthful with no evidence of such occurring.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Princess Aurelia Horen de Savin 1658 1679 Unwed Firstborn daughter of Achilius I and Laelia.
Prince Laelius Horen de Savin 1659 1691 Marei of Vilachia Firstborn son of Achilius and Laelia.